Almost Veggies: ‘Table 13 makes the world a better place’

We thoroughly enjoyed this review from Almost Veggies, and thought you would, too! 

Photo by Almost Veggies.

“Table 13 has arrived. Like Addison needs another restaurant, right? Addison is probably sick of people saying these kinds of things. It’s Addison’s right as a city in the United States of America to have too many restaurants if they want. An exception to having one more restaurant than a city needs is Table 13. Haters beware–> There is so much to love about Table 13.

The dining room is dark with a stage in the back for different singers to sing songs. No one was singing during lunch, but an informative employee explained the kind of vibe one can expect during dining at Table 13. The restaurant is going for a fine dining steak house feel surrounded by Sinatra-like music. Customers are supposed to feel like the Rat Pack is sitting across the room partying. True story….”